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Martin was born to his mother, Teresa Harpold, from Indiana. Father, Ruben De La Rosa, from a town in New Mexico raised a child of five, and went on to become a navy veteran, honorably discharged (based out of San Diego). Ruben’s father was born in Mexico. Ruben’s mother was from New Mexico. Martin was born at 7 am on July 19, 1988 in San Jose, CA. Martin has two brothers and various cousins. Studied at Seventh Day Adventist Christian school in Gilroy, California. Studying basic mathematics, how to count change/currency, and Christmas carols during night time service. Martin spent his time at his house in Campbell, California before moving to Shelton, WA (shadowood neighborhood) in 1996. Martin spent most of his time with sports noting; “During October in 1999 my Washington father and I went to see my first professional football game in Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills played at the legendary Kingdome in Seattle. I still have the program booklet to this day. The team then made a brand-new stadium years later, and demolished the Kingdome. I haven’t been to a football game since.” Martin enjoyed Christmas at home with his family stating; “Christmas in Washington was amazing, I remember we went to the Christmas tree farm. My favorite was the farm off of highway 101. We picked out the best tree (rain, shine, or snow) and chopped down the tree soon to be in our living room. We put tinsel, lights, and ornaments on the tree.” Martin regularly visited his father in California every break from school, seeing Oakland A’s games and Mark McGwire play, visiting various Hollywood Studios (Seeing celebrities like Bob Saget), L.A, and relaxing. Martin would also hang out at the club called “The Catalyst” at Santa Cruz watching bands play like “Papa Roach”. Martin’s influences are varied, as Martin says: “Around the same time I listened to a new band called ‘Trapt’. They had a hit song called ‘Headstrong’. Really impacted me for rock music at a young age. Later on, I’d be listening to rock a lot.” He notes at the time his influences also included Strung Out, and Thursday. Martin has also seen Huey Lewis and the News, Hall & Oates, and Queen (twice) Martin has played electric guitar/piano/bass/drums professionally for 20 years- and is the musician/vocalist for Everyday Grace. Martin has been to the Winter Olympics twice. Once in 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah, and once Vancouver Canada stating, “We caught a small transport plane and arrived in Salt Lake City. I was amazed at the security at the time there at the Salt Lake City Airport. The airport had armed national guards patrolling the area since the previous year 2001, September, 11 tragedy. After we arrived at the airport, we rented a van and drove to our rented house in Park City, then at night we walked around Salt Lake City. I was impressed. Everyone was trying to wear these hat’s called “Roots”. All the athletes were wearing them. We didn’t wear them, though we had hockey jerseys for team USA we wore.” Martin also appreciates the Disney Amusement parks, and was there in June of 2006 – “About the 3rd day we were there, they had a red-carpet premiere down main street. The premiere was for a sequel for Pirates of the Caribbean the movie. I lined up alongside the side of main street with the crowd, and saw all the actors/actresses from the movie close range. As well as special guests like Governor Schwarzenegger, Dennis Rodman, Mark Hoppus, Tony Hawk, Marilyn Manson. It was surreal. The vacation went perfect, and we all had a great time.” Martin Appreciates sports, and met a boxer named Robert Guerrero with his dad at a magazine cover promotion. Martin worked for retail as a receiving associate for awhile. And volunteered with habitat for humanity. Martin continues his financial contribution to various charities worldwide to this day. In 2008 Martin Graduated from SPSCC, then took a road trip toward Pullman/Moscow Idaho to see the colleges there WSU. As well as Santa Cruz University of California to continue schooling. Pursuing a degree of Philosophy, Martin continued to be an instructional technician employed with Olympic College for three years. Then moved out of town. Eventually Martin decided to try Pima Medical institute as a radiographer x-ray technician. Martin has toured Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, Nebraska, and spent time around New York City. Martin at Times Square, New York City Martin at Dallas (Fort Worth) Texas

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Martin with Mellisa Hollingsworth at the 2010 Olympics

Martin with Trapt on the tour bus before the show

Martin with Chris Taylor Brown





(12/3/2023) New Track ideas for 2025 album entitled “Expressions” (inspired by Luciana Souza)


(05/1/2023) New album entitled “Photon Hypernova” set to release 2024


(05/1/2023) Contracts (lyrics for Photon Hypernova track)

I’m often reminded of our differences. How we live without communication. With the outlook we have of the world around us. We are pursuing confidence with ourselves. Assuring ourselves no self-affirmation is needed. We all are surviving the cooperation of each other. With our societal contracts, Living for a better day.

—————————————————————————(04/10/2023) Finishing up my degree of Philosophy at ASU, go sun devils!

————————————————————————— (03/10/2023) Was going through some old photographs today –

At L.A. capitol records around 1998

School uniform early 1990s



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